Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How To Make Your Fairies Happy

Fairies will stick around your home tending to your gardens; the fruits, flowers and even the vegetables. They love to go about fixing things and they even like to clean. But, there are things that you must do if you would like to keep the fairies around. They do what they do because it is in their nature, but if they become unhappy they will move on to a new home where they feel more appreciated. So, in order to make sure that your fairies are feeling very appreciated there are a few steps that you can take that will keep them happy and flitting around your property!

First of all you will want to make your fairy friends a home that will help them to stay happy and content. Use things that you find in nature to make it with. Build it in a nice secluded area where they will feel safe and hidden and where no one might accidentally step on it or disturb them. Start out by collecting some bigger sized rocks that you can stack into an igloo like shape, making sure to leave a doorway. Build a table out of sticks for inside and use smaller stones for seats. Small shells make great dishes. Use leaves to make a comfy bed for the fairies and flower buds for pillows.

Leave the fairies some edible treats, like berries and sweets that they can eat. Berries are one of their favorite foods and any kind of them will do. But they also like human snacks because it gives them a treat that they don’t get often. Make them a special batch of rock candy, using real oils like lemon and peppermint. When you make muffins and cupcakes leave them any crumbs that may be left, or even a whole one they can snack on for the whole week!

Fairies enjoy music very much and they even like it when you help them out with some of the chores that they do for you. When you do work in your garden bring some music along, or sing yourself! Pull your weeds to some classical music. Water the flowers to some Celtic tunes. The fairies will be dancing around joyously on their mini vacation while you get some work done. This time off will make them extra happy to, as they spend most of their time being busy. They are sure to make your flowers bloom extra big and bright and make sure that your fruits are extra sweet.

If you need some help in the house from the fairy folk there is an easy way that you can let them know they are invited in. Leave one of your windows open and place a shiny object on the sill for them to keep. This shiny little gift can be a coin, a piece of tinsel, a jewel or even a piece of cellophane wrapped candy. This shiny treat will lure them to the house and once they enter they will know exactly what it is you wanted of them. Fairies are very intelligent creatures so they can always tell what your intentions are!

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